Sony PlayStation CEO Says Mobile Games Are Coming Soon

We’re in a new generation of console gaming and it’s a bit different this time around thanks to Microsoft. Microsoft has pushed to bring out gaming into a more broad umbrella than just consoles and exclusives. With Microsoft, we’re getting Xbox first-party titles on consoles, PC, and even through cloud-gaming services. However, that doesn’t mean Sony is not experimenting with new media mediums.

While we’re still waiting to see if Sony has anything to compete against Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service which essentially brings out all first-party games to the service at launch rather than players having to pay for every title, Sony does have more than just console gaming. It was unveiled that Sony was moving into the mobile market with smartphone gaming. This was brought up to Sony PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan when he was an interview with the publication Axios.

During the conversation, Jim Ryan was asked about the mobile market and according to the CEO, Sony feels that they have a strong IP portfolio. This has prompted PlayStation into sharing their gaming with the mobile market, but there’s no official word on just when exactly we can expect to see these mobile titles from PlayStation at the moment. Likewise, we’re not entirely sure just which IPs will be featured at first.

Sony does have a long line of classic IPs that they could tap into but how they would translate into a mobile market remains to be seen. With that said, it doesn’t look like we will have too long of a wait to endure as Jim Ryan made note that we’ll start seeing some of the fruits from their mobile market labor sooner than you might think. For now, it’s a waiting game regardless, but it does pique our interest in just what Sony ends up bringing out.

Source: Axios