Among Us Roadmap Unveils New Content Is Coming Soon

We’re getting ready for the big E3 event this year which will have a variety of streaming events to tune in on rather than the big in-person media conferences we might be used to. After all, we’re still dealing with a worldwide health pandemic outbreak so 2021 is also seeing plenty of events get canceled or outright adjusted to a digital event alternative. However, before E3 kicking off, we had another stream that fans were tuning into called Summer Games Fest Kickoff.

This event offered several video game highlights that showcased certain video game trailers, announcements, and updates. One of the games to get featured during this show was the ever-popular Among Us title. After gaining some worldwide attention last year, the development team has gone back to continue supporting Among Us with new content. Now the indie studio is ready for the world to view their roadmap of what’s slated to come out into the game next.

The development team working on Among Us has a variety of updates being handled for the game. Included are new colors, visuals upgrades, achievements, new cosmetics, another map, a new game mode along new roles to play. Right now, the game only supports two roles and one game mode. Traditionally, within the official build of Among Us, players are going through the game as either a survivor or an impostor. Impostors attempt to kill off the surviving crew while the crew attempts to figure out who the impostor is. I’m sure you’re well familiar with the game at this point.

However, the new roles are scientist and sheriff which have come up in mods before. Unfortunately, we don’t know just how this game will feature these new roles officially. Likewise, the latest game mode is Hide ‘n’ Seek, in which the gameplay footage looks like a means where the hunter has very limited sight to see what’s around him while other players attempt to hide away from them. Still, this is just a small sneak peek of what’s coming out for Among Us in the future, so we’ll have to wait for more footage or updates to flesh out the content for players.

Source: Trailer