Battlefield 2042 Will Release For $70

Battlefield is one of the more hyped and anticipated video game titles slated to hit the marketplace this year. After all, it’s a competitive FPS game to Call of Duty. However, unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield doesn’t receive an annual release so whenever a new installment comes out into the marketplace there is some general interest for fans. With that said, there has been some split reception over the latest installment, Battlefield 2042

We have only received one trailer so far which was cinematic. In a lot of ways, it shows the chaotic mayhem of different battles happening within a wide range of areas. Likewise, as the name suggests, this game takes place within the future rather than the past which was one of the rumors circulating online for this game. However, with this new title filled with plenty of action-packed set pieces, it doesn’t come with a single-player campaign

Instead, this game is focused on multiplayer which is what Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 offered if you recall that installment. Despite not having a traditional campaign when the game launches, we have seen statements from the designer director, Daniel Berlin who spoke with Eurogamer. It was during this conversation that the game would have a narrative to follow through in the multiplayer aspect with different specialist characters having some kind of a narrative piece surrounding them. 

Furthermore, the incredibly popular multiplayer genre movement as of late, battle royales, will also be something that Battlefield 2042 will find missing as well. While there is not a battle royale game mode there are likely some other multiplayer game modes that might fill that void with players. Still, if this is two game modes you were banking on with Battlefield 2042 then it might feel like the $70 price tag for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms could feel a bit too pricey.

Source: Twisted Voxel