CD Projekt Red Offers New Statement On Their Recent Cyberattack

It’s not uncommon to see different companies come to the subject of a cyberattack. It’s unfortunate when it happens, but that does happen from time to time. Groups that attack companies will breach their database, steal content, and demand a ransom. This prompts companies to either pay up which is lately been in the form of cryptocurrency or allow the hackers to leak the content online. That’s something that goes on within the video game industry as we’ve seen several companies come under an attack randomly.

CD Projekt Red for instance was a company that was recently attacked by one of these rogue groups demanding a ransom in return to avoid leaking their content online. The development studio did not give in to their demands and it resulted in plenty of content and source codes getting leaked out online. This attack happened back in February of this year and now we’re getting a new update from the studio itself.

This update doesn’t provide much detail as to what was stolen. CD Projekt Red simply acknowledges that there is potentially content stolen from the studio and leaked online. Included in the mix of content stolen is personal data to employees along with those that the studio has worked with in the past. However, they cannot officially confirm what exactly was stolen or what might have been released and further manipulated online. Regardless, this has prompted the studio to make several updates and changes to allow CD Projekt Red in being a bit more secure going forward.

For now, it looks like this attack has not changed anything in terms of what CD Projekt Red is currently working on. We know that the studio has moved a small team to start other productions, but a large part of the team is still working on Cyberpunk 2077 updates and expansions which we are still waiting to see unveiled. Likewise, this is not the only cyberattack news to come out recently as EA is also dealing with a hack to their database.

Source: CD Projekt Red