EA Gets Hit With New Cyberattack

Cyberattacks are unfortunately a bit common for different big companies out there. These attacks are usually ransomware which forces the company to either pay a fee demanded by the attacking group online usually in some form of cryptocurrency or have their stolen data leaked. It’s something that once it happens, security teams go in and fix up their internal networking to hopefully prevent any more attacks from happening. The latest company to get hit in the video game industry is Electronic Arts.

EA has been hit by a cyberattack that came with several assets and source codes stolen. We don’t know just what all was stolen, but EA feels that nothing was compromised with their customers or service users. This means that your data might not have been stolen, but EA could soon find their source code leaked online for the world to pick up and use. Again, this is not uncommon as we have seen other companies get hit with similar attacks. 

If you don’t recall, Ubisoft was hit with their Watch Dogs Legion game leaking out online along with CD Projekt Red which had several source codes also leaked online, likely from not getting their payment demanded by the group attacking. We’re not sure just what the figure EA is likely being asked to pay before their material is leaked out. Still, this is quite the big hit especially coming before E3 2021 takes place.

For now, it doesn’t look like anything has been leaked online from EA. That could very well change in the coming days, but as it stands there is only a breach with content tampered with from the company.

Source: Comicbook