Evil Dead: The Game Will Unveil Gameplay Footage June 10

Evil Dead: The Game is an upcoming title based around the Evil Dead IP. Within this game, players will get to take control of different iconic characters from the franchise through cooperative gameplay. Within the narrative, players will find that a portal has opened up which is allowing all sorts of creatures to lurk into our world. Overall, your goal is to close the portal which is done by completing a series of objectives and killing off hostile creatures that pop up around the area. 

You can find that this game is a bit like Dead by Daylight as players are survivors or a demonic creature. We don’t have a specific release date quite yet, but we’re hoping to see the title launch within this year. Likewise, up to this point, we only have a cinematic trailer to showcase the game, but that’s going to change tomorrow. Players interested in Evil Dead: The Game, will want to tune in tomorrow during the Summer Game Fest Kickoff which will feature a variety of different video games.

Among the list of games includes gameplay footage for Evil Dead: The Game. This should hopefully offer enough footage to really highlight just what the development studio has been crafting up to compete against other asynchronous multiplayer titles that offer the same type of gameplay experience. Regardless, this IP might have some appeal from the familiarity of the IP itself.

Of course, we also have Evil Dead featured in what is a bit of a competitor title and the game we compared it to earlier, Dead by Daylight. At any rate, we don’t have long to wait for this gameplay footage reveal as you can tune into the Summer Game Fest Kickoff on June 10, 2021, starting at 11 AM PT. 

Source: Gamesradar