Bravely Default Has Sold 1 Million Globally

Bravely Default is doing well, both critically and commercially — but we already knew that. What we didn't know until now are solid sales numbers. Thankfully, the Japanese outlet Dengeki Online has posted global sales, which NeoGAF user L~A translated. The result? Square Enix's 3DS JRPG has sold one million units worldwide!

Dengeki further detailed that 400K sales were from Japan while 600K sales were from Western markets. I assume that the Japanese figure combines the sales for both the original release and the For the Sequel update — remember, For the Sequel was the version that was localized in other territories. This is great news for Bravely Second, currently in development.

Just today, Japan received a free-to-play version of Bravely Default that allows players to download the first four chapters for absolutely nothing. I wonder if and when that deal is going to arrive here. Could move a few more units, no?