Fortnite Season 7 Adds Superman, Rick Sanchez, and Aliens

We finally got a look at Fortnite Season 7 and it looks like we’re getting both good and bad aliens. Superman and Rick Sanchez join the ever-growing roster of playable characters, all of whom can now potentially fly UFOs and shoot alien weapons while trying to fight off the invasion. We also have a new battle pass system that will allow users to get the rewards they want.

The story trailer shows mysterious purple ships appearing over the island and destroying the Spire — coincidentally, the final shot of the trailer is of the Foundation falling into the ocean, so one can only hope he’ll make a return appearance. We also see Dr. Slone organizing the resistance against the alien invasion, and the description from Epic Games implies some characters might not exactly be on the side of good: “Meet characters who embrace the invasion, oppose it, or just want to keep fishing.”

Superman makes his appearance, as indeed all characters in pop culture must apparently. He appears in the story trailer in his Clark Kent disguise (and is a Fortnite fan himself, if his computer is any indication), watching the invasion from the Daily Planet offices. Rick of Rick & Morty appears just in time for the latest season of the show to premiere. Other skins include an alien double agent named Joey and Instagram’s horror bunny Guggimon.

Epic is also rejiggering this season’s battle pass. Now, instead of earning rewards in a linear fashion, you’ll earn battle stars that you can redeem for the rewards of your choosing, so players will get rewards they actually want. One of the free rewards this season is an alien skin called the Kymera outfit, which players can customize with different skin patterns, eye colors, head shapes, and armor. You can also use alien crafting materials to modify your weapons.

Source: Epic Games