Rainbow Six Extraction Is the Official Name of Rainbow Six Quarantine

Ubisoft has officially revealed the new name of its Rainbow Six game, which was previously known as Rainbow Six Quarantine. Now we know the game will be called Rainbow Six Extraction, and we’ll be getting a better look at it at the Ubisoft Forward E3 event on June 12.

We got our first look at what the new game will involve in a teaser trailer showing the Sprawl, an unknown entity that spreads over just about every surface it can reach. We also saw something called Orpheus, though how these things relate to each other we don’t yet know. Ubisoft also revealed a short developer video that gave us a tease of what the game will be like. We know the game will be PvE, and apparently this creeping nasty — which they call an alien — is going to be the common enemy.

The developers who appeared in the video specifically mentioned that the game is based largely on Rainbow Six Siege, but with the operators working against a common enemy. They’ll have to work together to ensure everyone survives, and that the team will have the option to either “push forward” or “extract.”

Presumably we’ll see more of the game at E3. If Ubisoft felt the need to reveal something like the title ahead of its Forward event, it’s likely the game itself is going to take up a large portion of the show and they would rather get the title reveal out of the way early. As for why it’s not called Quarantine anymore, I’ll hazard a guess that it’s because that’s become a very loaded term in the last year. It’s also possible that Quarantine is no longer thematically appropriate, as the characters are trying to get out of the situation, not stay in it for a certain amount of time.

Source: YouTube