PlayStation Is Working On A New AI Tool

AI is nothing new in video games. These bots are used to set up enemy hostile characters for players to deal with or companions to give aid towards the main protagonist. However, nothing beats the real-life counterpart where we get competitive PvP and cooperative gameplay. With that said, it looks like Sony is interested in bringing out something a bit more resembling the real deal. Of course, this is just something being worked on and has yet to make its debut in the marketplace. 

What Sony has unveiled through a strategy meeting document is what they are calling Agents. It’s a new AI system that will better learn from human players thus making it more realistic during gameplay. As a result, you’ll likely have more challenging bots both to use in your companionship through video games or as a means to be competitive enemy targets. Again, AI in video games is nothing new but it does look like this could be a big step forward for video game media.

Sony has been bringing out some useful features for their PlayStation 5 alone such as adding guides right within the system UI. Perhaps this could be the next big step to bring out more appealing video games in the future, but only time will tell of course. In the meantime, this is just some bit of news that shows what is currently in the works at Sony and may potentially come out into the market at a later date.

Now it looks like having more of a cooperative gameplay option is possible even if your friends are not readily available to hop online. Or we could get some better practice with competitive games before joining in actual matches with other players. Improved AI for video games is always a good thing and we’re eager to see how the Agents AI holds up when it eventually comes to fruition.

Source: IGN