Nordic Games Explains Where Darksiders And Red Faction are Right Now

Nordic Games’ Reinhard Pollice was on hand at E3 to talk about the company’s high profile franchises, Red Faction and Darksiders. Mainly, there’s more interest in Darksiders.

As of E3, they were thinking of where to take Darksiders 3’s design. Rather than diving in, Nordic sought to figure out gamers’ expectations based on the prior games, and the best way to go around to make a sequel.

Nordic has been in contact with the original Darksiders design team, and here’s where it gets interesting. Reinhard reveals that they never had a large overarching plan for the franchise, even as a trilogy, so they were essentially just winging it.

They have considered Adam’s plan of making a game with Death, Fury, Strike, and War, but nothing has been decided. At this time, it’s also not quite clear if Nordic will be hiring these same designers, such as Madureira, David Adams, etc, for the upcoming sequel.

However, one thing is for sure. There will be a future for Darksiders, and Reinhard promises that it will be awesome.

Now, regarding Red Faction, they are also in the conceptual stage as well. They were considering making a Red Faction Guerrilla 2, with an open world, but they have concerns regarding the saturation in the market for shooters. They have also taken into consideration how radically different each Red Faction game has been, and figuring out how to use that for whatever upcoming sequel there could be.

To end, Reinhard clarifies that Nordic games is more than a publisher now. They see themselves as a production company which does publishing and distribution. While they still work with 3rd parties, Nordic does not want to be dependent on them, and with this in mind, they are producing content with their own studios. Who knows? It might not be long before they answer to a different name as well.

Image is from Darksiders 2.