Sony Confirms God of War Doesn’t Have a Film or TV Adaptation In the Works

Bad news for Kratos fans: Sony today revealed to the New York Times that, unlike with most of the other intellectual properties it controls, it currently has no plans to adapt God of War into a movie or show. It does, however, plan to bring several other games to the small and big screens in the near future, so it’s not as though we’re being cheated.

The New York Times article was about the rising appeal of games as a source of new film and TV concepts. It cited specific Sony projects in the works, and added: “Contrary to speculation, one that is not, at least not anytime soon, according to a Sony spokesman: God of War.” That’s it; that’s the only mention of God of War in the article — just one short sentence to crush the dream.

I don’t know how long those rumors have been around because if you were to talk about Kratos in the original God of War games, any film would have to be rated R at least. The most recent God of War game has a much more cinematic (and family-friendly, or at least stomach-friendly) story and aesthetic. That’s not to say it’ll never happen, just that it’s not happening in the near future.

Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra confirmed in an interview last year that his company was working on three movies and seven shows based on PlayStation franchises. We know about the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland and the Last of Us show adaptation starring Pedro Pascal. We’ve also heard that Twisted Metal and Ghost of Tsushima are getting the show and movie treatment, respectively. It’s just a guessing game to try and discover which of Sony’s other tentpole properties are filling out the rest of the list. If not God of War, then what?

Source: New York Times