The Last Of Us Remastered Dev Promises 60FPS, No Compromises, In Single and Multiplayer

Naughty Dog developer Christian Gyrling has raised expectations for The Last of Us Remastered. He promises the game will have 60FPS, full 1080P.

When pressed further, Gyrling addressed further qualifications. Yes, that will be 60 FPS in both the single player storyline, following the tale of Joel and Ellie, as well as in multiplayer. Gyrling also claims that Naughty Dog have put the work in to remove framerate drops, so the game will run at a constant 60 FPS.

Lastly, and moving away a bit from framerate talk, Gyrling assured a fan that the Playstation 4 version will have the same language support as the Playstation 3 original.

It seems safe to say that this game is a true port of the Playstation 3 version, since reprogramming efforts seems to have been focused on improving instead of recoding or recreating code.

Of course, raising hype is a double-edged sword, and Naughty Dog’s confidence aside, we still don’t know for sure if the game will live up to the now raised expectations, or if there will still be problems. At the very least, we know it will meet the expectations fans have had for a long time regarding the performance metrics for 8th generation video games, and may prove to set the bar on these metrics moving forward.

The Last of Us Remastered is coming exclusively to Playstation 4 this July 29, 2014.