DC Injustice Animated Film Unveiled

The Injustice franchise was a massive hit and for good reason. This was a fighting video game title developed by NetherRealm Studios, the folks behind the Mortal Kombat line of video games right now and they have been bringing out the Injustice IP since 2013. Now it looks like we can expect an animated film of some sort based around the Injustice series. 

We don’t know much of anything at this point. NetherRealm Studios brought out Injustice: Gods Among Us quite a few years ago. The narrative was based around Superman who had been tricked into killing his love Louis Lane from the infamous Joker villain. Now ruling the world with a strict regime, we witness some of the characters attempt to break from the tyranny through different means. Ultimately, this leads to several different battles against heroes and villains.

There’s even a sequel along with a comic book adaptation that continues to add to the lore and storyline for this series. However, we won’t spoil anything else here. Regardless, the video games have been incredibly popular over the years and it’s left plenty of fans wondering if there would be a third installment coming out shortly, but so far nothing official has made its way out into the public if such a game is currently being developed over at NetherRealm Studios.

What we do know is that an animated Injustice film is being made. No details, actors, or release date has been released as of yet. Although, we do know that some type of preview will be available in the upcoming animated film release of Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two. In the meantime, if you enjoyed the Injustice video games we may get some kind of new adaptation to relive the storyline or perhaps a spin-off through this upcoming movie.

Source: Comicbook