Batman: Arkham Knight Info Blowout: Scarecrow, Batsuit, And More

We have new information regarding Batman: Arkham Knight via E3 interview.

When you think of Batman, you think of the Batmobile, and it was with this frame of mind that Rocksteady decided to bring in the famous vehicle into the Arkham universe. They were already planning this game as a Batmobile game since 2011, and also planned for it to release on 8th generation consoles. It took them all three of those years to get it done.

Regarding what comes next, Rocksteady still isn’t sure what they are going to tackle, whether it’s another take on Batman, Superman, etc, but they can’t wait to find out either.

Rocksteady deliberately did not use Scarecrow in Arkham City, planning for him to be the villain in Arkham Knight. In the story, Scarecrow festered his anger for having been taken down by Killer Croc in Arkham Asylum for some time. So, the plans laid in motion in Arkham Knight have been set down for a really long time now.

So, not only has Scarecrow assembled Batman’s entire rogues gallery united against him, he can also be counted on to play mind games with Batman directly.

When asked about actually playing as one of the Batman villains, instead of just a minigame series like the Joker DLC. Rocksteady explained that this is a matter of the game experience. Switching from playing Batman to another character could take the player out from the immersive experience of being Batman. They have let people play other characters in other Arkham games, but in a way that let you go back to being Batman.

The Batsuit was designed as a military armor, of suits, Bruce’s way of answering the threat from Arkham Knight bringing a literal army to face him. Rocksteady wanted this new suit and the Batmobile to look like they were designed together. They built the suit after the vehicle, with the things from the vehicle incorporated to the suit after the fact.

 Again, Rocksteady has consistently not shared new information about the Arkham Knight himself, but they gush at the opportunity to build their own Batmobile, as well as a new Batman villain.

Finally, Rocksteady touts the power of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One for a seamless experience in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight is coming 2015 to Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.