Saints Row The Third Remastered Upgrades to PS5, Xbox Series Next Week

Credit: Volition

Volition announced that the Saints Row The Third remaster is getting a free upgrade. Starting next week, players will be able to play one of the most chaotic, fun games ever made on their PlayStation 5s and Xbox Series consoles. The upgrade rolls out on May 25 and features several visual improvements on top of the ones the remaster already brought.

According to Volition’s announcement: “This version will also be free to all current owners of the game, and will allow players to experience the game running at greater performance settings; equivalent to the PC edition at High settings. Improvements made to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 version include a framerate boost to 60 FPS and dynamic 4K resolution, whilst Xbox Series S players can choose between Performance (60 FPS) and beauty (30 FPS) modes.”

Saints Row The Third Remastered first debuted last year for the PS4 and Xbox One, and it’s good to see it so quickly come to the new consoles. Volition adds that the game is going to take advantage of the SSDs in both consoles to push for better loading times. Perhaps the best news out of the bunch is that, when you launch the game on the PS5, your DualSense will glow Saints Purple — not a gameplay improvement, but still fun.

I have no idea if the other Saints Row games will follow — if nothing else, Saints Row 4: Re-Elected would be a shoo-in, given it’s basically built on the back of Saints Row The Third and is so much more fun. But we’ll have to see whether Volition gets the response to this release they’re hoping for. Meanwhile, for PC players, the remaster rolls out to Steam and GOG on May 22 after a year of Epic Games exclusivity, as Volition also confirmed in today’s announcement.

Source: Volition