PlayStation Studios Steam Page May Tease More Games Are Coming

For a good, while it looked like Sony would be staying with their consoles when it comes to their line of video games. That was the norm for years and it didn’t look like there was any indication that this would change. However, as Microsoft opened up and embraced the PC platform over the last several years when it comes to their line of first-party games, it seems that Sony was ready to join in with their line of video games.

Granting video games on the PC platform opens up more of an audience that would purchase video games. It’s a business move that Sony started up not long ago with the announcement of Horizon Zero Dawn coming to the PC platform. This was a big PlayStation 4 exclusive title that fans were blown away in that it was coming to the PC platform.

For now, there’s only a small handful of video games available from the Sony PlayStation Studios. We have Helldivers which was released back in 2015. Now we have Horizon Zero Dawn along with Predator: Hunting Grounds. Upcoming there’s another big exclusive title release that will finally hit the PC platform and that’s Day’s Gone, but so far that’s all we have in terms of upcoming releases. 

Recently, a fan spotted the Sony PlayStation Studios Steam curator page listing 41 video games/DLC total. Currently, there are under 30 products from the company which ranges from the games already mentioned along with the line of DLC packs. As a result, fans were quick to assume that this would mean plenty of new video game titles along with DLC was coming out soon, but as of right now, it looks like the page has been corrected. Perhaps this was just a glitch in the system that displayed the incorrect number or the announcement came a bit too early. 

Source: Steam, Gamerant