Mortal Kombat X: Scorpion and Sub-Zero Aren’t the Only Classic Returning Characters

Steve Beran, lead character designer for Mortal Kombat X, has revealed classic characters other than Scorpion and Sub-Zero are set to make a return for the game despite the events of the last game.  

Speaking to Angry Joe at E3, Beran said "we'll have a balance between new characters and a lot of favourites"  The last Mortal Kombat "kind of cleaned the slate for us a little bit" and as such the team decided to "bring on some new characters" as well. Regarding the game's story, he said: 

"it's a continuation of the universe that the story takes place in, I can't talk too much about the story but what I can say is that it's 25 years after the events of Mortak Kombat 9. Fans won't be disappointed [in the story], I'm really proud of our guys at the studio. We have a really talented team of writers"

Talking about the new characters we've seen, Beran detailed Ferra and Torr. Ferra is the large armoured fighter while Torr clings to his back and jumps off to fight. He can grab her and use her as a weapon, almost like a "bowling ball, they're really cool together," he added. 

"It's probably the most ambitious character we've ever done because you're controlling two at the same time. The interactivity is turning out to be a challenge but she's one of my favourite characters," Beran added. 

You can watch the game's E3 trailer here