EA Play Live Summer Show Comes on July 22

Electronic Arts today announced that its summer showcase, the EA Play event, will be on July 22. Taking place several weeks after E3, there are a couple of games that we can assume we’re likely to see. I would bet a kidney we’ll hear details about Battlefield 6, while the sentimental side of me hopes to hear news of Dragon Age 4.

EA is not explicit about whether or not the event will be digital-only, but the Save the Date says that one can join the event virtually. So we can assume it’ll be livestreamed as these events usually are. E3 is going strictly digital this year, and it’s not as though global health is likely to improve in a month, so a digital-only event would be the tasteful thing to do.

As for what games we can be expected to see, I think Battlefield 6 is a shoe-in. We know the company might be having a showcase for the game in June. That’s the rumor, anyway, and it would make sense for EA to give their Call of Duty competitor time to shine on its own, lest it swallow the whole summer showcase. But there’s no reason why it couldn’t appear in the EA Play, perhaps so the company can give us further details or a gameplay demo.

Other major titles that will probably appear are Dragon Age 4, which we know has been in development for quite some time. Given that we haven’t heard any new information on it outside of some concept art since it was revealed, it’s getting well past time for a big, splashy reveal, and this is the perfect time. Beyond that, we’ll probably see more of EA’s sports titles, like we usually do, and hopefully we’ll also finally see footage of Skate 4.

Source: EA/Twitter