Sony Patents Way for Struggling PlayStation Gamers to Connect with ‘Experts’

A Sony patent for a PlayStation help system has been discovered. The system would allow gamers to have quick access to assistance from experts to get past difficult parts. I would actually like to see what this looks like in progress.

The full text of the patent describes the system thus: “The player is then connected to a more experienced player (e.g., the expert) over a communication session, wherein the expert provides gaming assistance (e.g., the expert can help the player get unstuck). Experts can mark themselves“available” at any time, for any game they have played. An expert is generally a player who has registered and/or qualified as an expert. When a player requests help for that game, the request is sent to the available experts who are most likely to be able to help. The expert is matched to the player and can be connected via a live help session, or via a prior recording of a help session”

The patent is very detailed and even comes with drawings showing what the system would look like in motion. They show an example of a conversation between a player and an expert, in which the former is having problems with a boss fight, and the latter offers tips to help them succeed. The conversation is accompanied by a drawing of Kratos fighting what appears to be the Bridge Keeper in God of War.

Naturally, just because this is a patent that Sony filed doesn’t mean the thing it’s patenting will ever see the light of day. Indeed, this would probably create too much work in the selection and vetting of “experts” to be worth it, and I know plenty of gamers who would rather look something up on the internet than interact with another person (I may even be one of them depending on the day of the week). Still, I’d be curious to see a live demonstration of this in person.

Source: ComicBook