Fan Adds Original Cut Content Back Into Resident Evil Video Game

The Resident Evil franchise is massive, there’s no way of getting around the fact that decades after the initial Resident Evil video game, fans are still eager for new installments. Most of us are getting ready for the next main installment release with Resident Evil Village. However, there’s probably a good amount of you out there that has no clue Resident Evil was originally censored in the west. Typically we’ve seen censored games for regions like Japan, but when it came to the original Resident Evil video game, there was plenty of content cut out.

Even when the Resident Evil Director’s Cut was released, there were still some omissions made. It’s nothing massive and you’re not missing out on anything in terms of the narrative, but decades later, one fan had decided the wait for some kind of an official western release needed to be over. That’s when online user Deli295 released Resident Evil: True Director’s Cut. Now fans can experience most of the content that they missed out on originally.

I say most because there is still small content being added into the mix, but most of the big pieces that were removed are back in place. Players will receive the original intro, blood text written on a wall, along with some soundtracks that were not included originally. We’ll likely see more additions added in, but this is a big deal for Resident Evil fans that wanted that original experience Japanese players were able to enjoy. 

In the meantime, players can enjoy this build of Resident Evil today, but as mentioned there are plenty of fans out there that’s waiting on the Resident Evil Village release. This is the next mainline installment to the franchise which is coming out in just a few days. Currently, Resident Evil Village is slated to release into the marketplace on May 7, 2021, for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S platforms. 

Source: Kotaku