The Last of Us Part 2 Ending Cut Out One Small Scene


This article contains spoilers to The Last of Us Part 2. 

The Last of Us was an iconic video game installment from Naughty Dog. This studio has been delivering some incredibly detailed works for PlayStation over the years but fans took towards the story of Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us and couldn’t wait to get their hands on the sequel, The Last of Us Part 2. While the game had some issues near its release such as a hack leaking the entire story for the game, players are now able to enjoy the game for themselves. In fact, we have a Before You Buy video above for more insight about the installment.

Overall, the game was a massive hit and was quickly purchased up upon release. We got a far more brutal gameplay experience with players taking on the role of Ellie as she sought revenge. Throughout the journey, we got to play as both Ellie and Abby which gave us a bit more insight into the main antagonist we were searching for. Of course, if you played the game then you know that Ellie eventually decides to come back home and forget about Abby completely. 

While things seemed to have been in a good place with Ellie, her love interest Dina, and a child living on a quiet farm, things quickly turn bitter again. Ellie decides to set off and take Abby’s life. This prompts Dina to beg for her to stay otherwise her and the baby be here for when Ellie returns. While Ellie sets off for another chapter of the game, it’s not until the final scene that we see Ellie return home to find it empty with no sight of her family. The ending follows Ellie as she tosses on her backpack and walks off into the open leaving it up to players to determine where she’s going next.

However, according to the lead writer Halley Gross on the Script Apart podcast, there was an extra scene that got cut. Originally, Ellie would find a baby toy on the ground in which she would pick up, toss in her backpack before leaving the farm. This would give some indication that Ellie was venturing out to find her love interest Dina again, but instead, Naughty Dog wanted to let players decide on what’s next for our protagonist. With all that said, there’s no word on if we’ll get the third installment to The Last of Us franchise, but apparently, a story outline already exists if the studio wishes to revisit the world. 

Source: Tech Radar