Skyrim to Feature “Substantial” DLC Content, Console Mods May Be Possible

the elder scrolls 5 skyrim

Like every new game, Bethesda has plans to release DLC material for Skyrim. Unlike previous iterations, Bethesda wants to focus on quality over quantity with the game. Todd Howard says the company intends to offer DLCs "closer to an expansion pack feel."

He believes that the studio made an error by ending Fallout 3 with its main quest concluded, as DLCs caused problems with the game's continuity—players had to revert to an earlier save in order to experience the expansions.

"That was a mistake, yeah," he admitted. "We were really confident about that, then the game came out and we heard pretty loud and clear that was not what [fans] wanted."

"So we're not gonna do that again. No, you'll definitely be able to… When you finish the main quest you can just keep playing," he said speaking to AusGamers. "Right now I can say that we'd like to do less DLC but bigger ones—you know, more substantial. THe Fallout 3 pace that we did was very chaotic. We did a lot of them—we had two overlapping groups. We don't know what we're going to make yet, but we'd like them to be closer to an expansion pack feel."

Howard says that the possibility of user-created mods appearing on consoles is a possibility that the studio is currently looking into. Unfortunately, he doesn't believe that the issue will be solved by the game's release. "It's something that we're going to continue to look at because we think that it's an awesome part of the game and that the majority of our audience isn't seeing."