Sony Anticipates Short PS5 Supply To Continue Through This Year

This pandemic has put a ton of obstacles for people to go up against. From health to job issues, it’s looking more and more like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. However, those of you who are trying to get their hands on a new video game console and assume that so many more jobs starting back up again will result in more consoles being available in the marketplace will be mistaken. Sony has recently come out and stated that their PlayStation 5 will still be tough to find.

Right now there is a ton of companies hurting with the lack of electronics needed for assembly. One of the issues is the lack of semiconductors and that’s exactly what the Sony PlayStation 5 console needs to ship out. With short supply available, fewer units are being shipped out for various markets meaning that when a unit finally does pop up, there is a ton of consumers out there that are trying to jump on a purchase. Recently, Sony held an investor call where the question of supply being increased this year came up.

It’s a valid question as again there is the push to get more units sold for the PlayStation 5 than the PlayStation 4. However, with so many issues of actually getting units out into the marketplace popping up, investors are curious what Sony is doing to combatant the problem. Speaking on the subject was Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki who noted that they don’t anticipate being able to drastically increase the supply of the PlayStation 5 units right now.

Again, this comes to supply demands to get these PlayStation 5 units made, but that doesn’t mean that Sony is not thinking of ways to provide a workaround. Apparently, there are options to change the design or seek out a secondary resource for the components needed. At the moment, this fiscal year which ends in March of 2022, will still see limited units being pumped out into the market.

Source: VGC