Canceled Castlevania Dreamcast Exclusive Gets Released Online

Countless video game titles just don’t make the cut. For whatever reason, something causes the game to get killed off and it’s a bit of a bummer for fans that were holding out to play the game. Some titles never even get a glimpse into the public eye either, but there are quite a few organizations and individuals looking to preserve video games. We’ve seen a ton of games get released online for the public that was once scrapped or early builds of the project before their launch into the marketplace.

One of the latest games to receive this special treatment is Castlevania: Resurrection. This was a game being developed by Konami and intended for a release exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast. The title was set to be a prequel to the series that featured Sonia Belmont, a new vampire hunter. While the game was shown off during E3 1999, Konami would later cancel the video game project in March of 2000. Now decades later we’re getting a chance to play this game thanks to Comby Laurent. 

Comby Laurent is an individual that is trying to preserve video games and happened to get his hand on a copy of Castlevania: Resurrection. This is a build that appears to be before the E3 1999 showcase. It’s not complete and there are bugs featured here, but players can go through various stages to see how the game would have behaved if it had released thanks to the game being dumped online. With that said, players will need an emulator although there is the ability to burn a CD of this game to run on an actual Sega Dreamcast console.

It’s always interesting to see these long-lost video game projects get revived and restored online for fans to enjoy. There’s no telling just what video game project will pop up next and for what platform. For Castlevania fans, this is one gem likely to be downloaded and tried out to see just how it would have compared to other iconic installments to the franchise.

Source: Gamesradar, YouTube