Knights of the Old Republic Remake Allegedly Helmed by Aspyr

Knights of the Old Republic, the classic Bioware RPG, is getting a remake, as the rumors go, and now a specific development team has been named as the ones currently doing the remaking: Aspyr. We don’t yet know what the game will look like — if it’ll even be a remake or a remaster, what elements of the original will survive the transition — but we can at least put a name to the rumors.

The report comes from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, who has confirmed in the past that the remake is in development. Schreier confirmed the name of the developer during the MinnMax Podcast with Ben Hanson. Eurogamer separately confirmed that it’d heard of Aspyr’s involvement, which lends the report extra credence. The first KotOR was originally developed by Bioware, and the second by Obsidian.

Aspyr is best known for porting games made by other developers to different platforms. For example, it’s ported Tomb Raider, Civilization, and Tom Clancy titles primarily to Mac. It already has a history with KotOR and Bioware RPGs in general, having ported the first KotOR to Mac, iOS, and Android, KotOR II to Mac, and Jade Empire to Android and iOS. It’s perhaps not anyone’s first pick when choosing candidates for a KotOR Remake developer, but Aspyr’s developers ought to know the games very well at this point.

As for what kind of game Aspyr is making, we’re not yet sure. The rumors about the remake suggest it’ll bring together parts from both games. Other rumors suggest that the intention behind the remake is to bring KotOR back into the current Star Wars canon, which was wiped clean by Disney ahead of the sequel films’ release. The current KotOR has been relegated to the Legends canon, as has most other non-film Star Wars media.

Source: MinnMaxShow