Hyrule Warriors Logo Revealed, Coming To The West 2014

Nintendo has officially revealed the official logo of Hyrule Warriors, revealed its Western release this year, and launched the official game page. We don’t have a release date yet, but we did learn something new.

It turns out the villainess’ name in English is Cia. Shia may simply be a Japanese localization intended for Japanese players to pronounce her name phonetically.

Nintendo touts Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors, and explains how Warriors, like The Legend Of Zelda games, are known for their epic storylines. Sorceress Cia is described as an entirely new antagonist, who has rallied hordes of enemies, including Bogobliins.

They also talk up the debut of Impa as a playable character. Equipped with a huge sword, she has powerful attacks to strike down enemies. There will be many other playable characters coming, as is the convention for the Dynasty Warriors series. Frankly, I expect Cia, Zelda, and Ganon to come up as playable, at least as unlockable characters after beating the game.

Each one of your playable characters will have their own weapons and unique attacks. The rupees and items you collect will upgrade weapons, and craft badges will allow you to bolster their abilities. Moves will be flashy and powerful, but you will come up against hordes of enemies, and so tactical gameplay is vital.

The only setting we have seen thus far is Hyrule Field, and it is described as just the 1st stage. Frankly, this info shouldn’t surprise us either, since theDynasty Warriors game have always been about loads and loads of content.

Finally, Nintendo assures us that this is a game for Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors alike, with gameplay elements seamlessly integrated from both franchises. We look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Hyrule Warriors is coming to Wii U in the West in 2014. You can check out some more images from the game below.