Outriders Fixes Cross-Play But the Inventory Wipe Bug is Still Here

A new patch for Outriders rolled out recently, intended to help with the multiple launch issues. While it has fixed a few of the problems — cross-play is now available, for example — it has made others worse. Users are now reporting that the inventory wipe bug has remained, diminished somewhat, but still stripping many users of their hard-won items. Square Enix has vowed to make fixing this problem its top priority.

In case you haven’t played it yourself, Outriders came with the usual contingent of bugs and problems at launch — nothing too out of the ordinary for a multiplayer game launch. One of the bigger problems was that cross-play didn’t work, meaning PC and console players couldn’t go on missions together. Another, more worrying bug was that some players would randomly get their inventories wiped. This was obviously very frustrating, as depending on how far along you were in the game, you could lose some incredibly valuable high-level gear and be stranded in a mission area with no way of getting back a shop or your stash.

Amusingly, the Reddit thread where Square Enix posted about the patch initially said this about the bug: “We believe that the rate of this bug appearing should be greatly reduced once the upcoming patch has been published.” At the time of this writing, that sentence has been crossed out, and instead, the notice reads: “Since the recent patch we have seen an increase in reports of this issue – resolving the inventory wipe is our top priority and will remain so until fixed.”

Square Enix plans to have a one-time event after this bug is fixed that will restore the inventories of everyone who was affected by this problem. If you fall victim to this bug before Square Enix and People Can Fly can fix it, there’s a workaround for it, which you can read about here.

Source: Reddit