Watch Dogs On Xbox 360: Objects In Distance Look Like They Are From A PS2 Game

You may have been wondering why Ubisoft isn’t sharing a lot of footage of Watch Dogs on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Well, we kind of have bad news to share on that end.

Some Youtubers have already been sharing gameplay of the game on these consoles, and the results aren’t thrilling. Sure, you would expect Playstation 4 and Xbox One to have better graphics, but it seems that the Xbox 360 version (at least) has taken a step back in the graphics department.

Take a look at this:

As you can see, the environments are passable enough up close. It’s comparable to what you would see from Grand Theft Auto 5 on the same console.

However, if you look at objects from a distance, graphics take a downgrade. I would dare say it actually goes back to Playstation 2 quality.

Did you miss it? Take a closer look at the leaves on this tree:

Go back up and check. You may also notice that the tree somehow magically grows more leaves when you get closer to it.

Now, to be fair, we’re sharing a second opinion here. A redditor has revealed his impressions of the game based on a stream he watched. Of course, he didn’t play it himself, but neither did we.

So, our redditor opines that the graphics are great for the console. He does think the graphics are on par with what you can see on Grand Theft Auto 5 in many ways, although he falls short of saying the two look exactly the same. Everything looks smooth, daytime is not washed out. Ragdoll physics work as expected, and knowing the system’s power, there are less NPCs and cars.

We’ll share our source for you here as well. What do you guys think? Do you agree with us that Watch Dogs has some problems with graphics on Xbox 360? Does this dissuade you from getting the game for current gen platforms? Share your thoughts with us below.