Last Of Us PS5 Remake Allegedly in the Works at Naughty Dog

A remake of the first Last of Us game is in the works, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The story behind it isn’t exactly a happy one, but the positive we can take away from it is that original developers Naughty Dog are working on a version of the game for the PlayStation 5.

The Bloomberg report, which tells an interesting story about what’s going on behind the scenes at Sony, describes the story of a small team within Sony that wanted to graduate from doing help work on bigger titles to making their own game. This team, called the Visual Arts Support Group, proposed to remake either the first Uncharted game or The Last of Us, with the latter being the safer, less expensive option and therefore the one selected. This project, codenamed T1X, was kept secret by Sony and not given very many resources, and was eventually brought in to help with the development of The Last of Us Part II. After this, Naughty Dog was handed the lead on the Last of Us remake.

All of this is a long way of saying that the remake is apparently still being worked on by Naughty Dog. The Visual Arts Support Group has now largely disbanded, a consequence of Sony’s alleged thirst for AAA hits and nothing else. The remake, assuming it ever comes out, will be optimized for the PS5. Other than that, we don’t know anything about it, not that there’s much we don’t already know about The Last of Us.

Sony sinking yet more money into The Last of Us makes sense, given they’re also hoping to make bank from the HBO show adaptation, which is set to start filming this July. I wouldn’t be surprised if the remake came out around the same time the show rolls onto HBO Max.

Source: Bloomberg