Boy Saves His Grandfather’s Life Thanks to Grand theft Auto

According to the Irish Mirror, a young 11 year old boy saved his gradfather's life thanks to the skills and experience he got from playing the Grand Theft Auto games. 

We often see GTA games portrayed by the media in a bad light because of the mature content featured in the game. Some people argue that it's a bad idea to let the youth play the game because it might foster bad behavior in the future. While it's true that the games indeed feature content unsuitable for children, it seems that it's a double edged sword since it can also teach some essential skills. 

Finn Cullen, 79, blacked out behind the wheel when he was driving with his grandson Charley. The alert grandson managed to take control of the wheel and was able to successfully steer the car away from the busy road. During an interview, he credits his skill to the experience he learned playing one of the GTA games. 

The two of them are both alive and well. Charley did fracture his skull when they crashed into the gates of a building, but he is fine now. This just goes to show that video games can have a positive influence in people's lives.