This Fallout 4 E3 Memo is Probably a Hoax

A “leaked memo” from Bethesda Game Studios has surfaced on a fansite ahead of E3, which seems to indicate that neither Fallout 4 nor The Elder Scrolls Online VI will be getting a showing at the upcoming event.

It’s hard to say whether the image itself is real, as it’s rather easy to fake a printed memo with freely available graphics for a letterhead.

The memo suggests that employees of Bethesda not mention the names “Fallout”, “Elder Scrolls”, and something called “Project Greenheart.” Other prohibited terms include “Nuka World” and “Boston Project”. “Greenheart” most likely refers to Valenwood in The Elder Scrolls setting of Tamriel. 

The reason the image is most likely fake is because it builds upon existing and already debunked rumors about Fallout 4’s supposed Boston setting, so take it with a huge heaping of salt—and then some.