Microsoft Might Rebrand Xbox Live Name

Microsoft is progressing forward with a big focus on the Xbox brand. We’ve seen the company go out and make some notable purchases and studio creations. It’s not that surprising in that regard as most would point to Sony as dominating the console market last-generation with their video game console hardware along with their video game exclusives lineup. Now this generation could side with Microsoft.

It looks like Microsoft may going through a rebrand for Xbox, or at the very least Xbox Live. The network service has been known as Xbox Live for years but going forward it could very well be Xbox Network. This comes from several users online posting that their Xbox dashboard is showcasing Xbox Network instead of Xbox Live. However, at the moment, it doesn’t look to be a universal change right now as some users are still finding their console platform doesn’t mention anything about Xbox Network.

We’re not sure if this will be an official change right now as Microsoft has yet to comment. With that said, things could be changing over to offer some kind of streamline with their venture with the Xbox Game Pass service. As mentioned, Microsoft is making some big moves. We’ve seen the company come out with a big new studio called The Initiative and they’ve continued to make purchases for other iconic studios which brought in the likes of Obsidian Entertainment, Ninja Theory, and Bethesda just to name a few. 

With Microsoft now pushing Xbox Game Pass service, which is becoming more enticing as more big-name studios become acquired by Microsoft. To top it off, there have been reports that Microsoft was also testing Xbox Game Pass streaming capabilities on the PC browser. Whatever moves Microsoft is making this generation, it certainly has quite a few player’s interests piqued. 

Source: Twisted Voxel