Life is Strange Will Soon Have A Remastered Edition Of The First Season & Before The Storm

Dontnod Entertainment created something really special for so many players around the world. With Life is Strange, players were sitting in on an emotional journey that took players through some true hardships while tapping into a storyline that so many of us praised. While it’s been quite a few years now since the first game released into the market, there are still so many fans who enjoyed the storyline and find themselves going back to replay the game all over again.

If you somehow missed out on Life is Strange and enjoy adventure games with a mature narrative then you’ll want to dive into this title, or better yet wait for the remastered edition. Within Life is Strange, players follow a young student female by the name of Max. Max just got accepted into a prestigious school that offers a photography course which is something that our protagonist wishes to pursue as a career. Fortunately, this school happens to be in her old hometown, and it’s here that Max rekindles a friendship with her old pal Chloe. 

Early on in the narrative, Max discovers she holds the supernatural power of rewinding time. It’s with this power that Max and her best friend Chloe team up in hopes of uncovering some secrets that the town has kept hidden for so many years, the disappearance of Chloe’s past best friend when Max left. This episodic journey along with the prequel storyline that came out after, Life is Strange: Before The Storm, is being remastered.

This remastered collection that’s in the works will offer not only new animations but improvements to the mocap performance. It’s allowing players a chance to get either the first go through on these games with some enhancements although chances are we’ll see plenty of veteran players jumping back into the game once again to see just how it’s changed. While this collection will be available with Life is Strange: True Colors if players opt for the Ultimate Edition of the game, it appears that Square Enix will be planning for a standalone release sometime later within the year.

Source: Polygon