A New Life is Strange Video Game Announcement Is Coming Next Week


Life is Strange was a breakout hit for the video game development team Dontnod Entertainment. The studio worked with Square Enix to deliver a narrative-driven episodic series that revolved around a young female going to school that discovers she has the ability to rewind time. With this new power, a slew of questionable morals gets brought up, life-changing decisions are made, and a dark mystery is unveiled throughout the course of the first season. Fans were in love with this new IP and it didn’t take Square Enix very long to keep the IP going with new installments.

While Dontnod Entertainment went on to make a new installment that featured a brand new storyline and characters, we did get to visit the characters again, albeit as a prequel with the help of development studio Deck Nine. Now, most would say that the first installment to this franchise was the strongest, and it left some wondering if the franchise would continue on. In fact, a new rumor circulated online that Dontnod Entertainment had gone their own way after Life is Strange 2 with the franchise being handed over completely to Deck Nine.

We should know if that holds any weight or not when this new video game is revealed. Square Enix has a new stream event taking place on March 18, 2021, which is this coming Thursday. Starting at 1 PM EST we’ll get a look at several video game projects and announcements that will be taking place throughout the stream. Currently, we know that there are multiple video games to be highlighted but among them is a brand new Life is Strange title.

All we know so far from the description of this upcoming stream is that there is a new game that features a brand new protagonist with a unique power. That was also the case for Life is Strange 2, and this may be a bit of a bummer for fans that were hoping on a Life is Strange title that picks back up on the characters featured in the first or second installment. Perhaps after enough installments come out we’ll see these characters form up to save the day with all of their unique powers, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Source: Square Enix