Xbox Browser Update Lets You Play Steam Games On Console

Microsoft is testing a new browser for Xbox that will allow users to play games from their Steam and Epic Games titles on their consoles — in theory, anyway. The feature is not out for everyone yet, but it could open up some more options for games on the Xbox. At the very least, it’ll mean that Xbox users get a better browser than they currently have.

This is possible thanks to the updated Edge browser that’s being tested in the Alpha Skip-Ahead group on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. This latest version of Edge can support streaming platforms, like Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce Now. GeForce Now allows you to stream games from other PC stores, including Steam and Epic, to your browser and, through your browser, the console. This means that you could play the likes of Death Stranding on your Xbox . . .  theoretically, anyway.

This was reported by both VGC and YouTuber Joe Chip, whose video on the subject you can watch above. Chip shows the streaming doesn’t work perfectly, and describes it as “clunky.” Not every game on Steam is compatible with GeForce Now — Horizon Zero Dawn, for example, another former PlayStation exclusive that’s made its way to PC — isn’t available to GeForce Now subscribers. Mouse and keyboard support is absent, which makes some games more difficult to control.

At the moment, only those in the invitation-only Skip-Ahead preview group would be able to test this feature. It’s possible this feature will be removed from the final release of the new Edge. In addition to game streaming services, the new Edge browser would be able to run web apps like Discord, and is overall supposed to be better than the version currently available to Xbox users, supporting numerous features available on the Windows 10 version of Edge.

Source: VGC