Persona 5 Strikers: How To Earn Millions of PP | Easy Persona Points Farming Guide

Persona 5 Strikers has a lot more in common with its JRPG predecessors than I would’ve guessed. This action-brawler is structured exactly like the main Persona games, dropping your team of teenage heroes into dungeons to fight mythological monsters. And Persona 5 Strikers has all the features of Persona 5 — you can collect new monsters, register them, and execute them to make more powerful creatures.

With PP (Persona Points) you can also upgrade your favorites. By spending PP, you can increase the level of Personas, or you can enhance their stats. By equipping a Persona with higher stats, you’re instantly upgrading your main character so you can fight the absurdly hard optional bosses found throughout the game.

The problem is, you don’t really earn many PP just by playing the game. You’ll need a lot more if you want boost your favorite Personas. Let’s get into a quick method that makes earning PP easy.

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To earn millions of PP (Persona Points), we’ll need to use a Persona Executions loop to upgrade a Persona, then register that Persona — once a high-stat Persona is registered, you’ll be able to buy them using yen (normal cash) to purchase and delete them endlessly to earn PP.

We’ll be creating a loop to upgrade a low-level Persona — yen costs are dependent on the Persona’s level, not on their stats. But, a high-stat Persona will give you huge PP bonuses even when they don’t cost much to summon. Here’s how it works.

  • How To Create a Persona Execution Loop:
    • Pyro Jack + Pixie = Bicorn
    • Bicorn + Pixie = Silky
    • Silky + Arsene = Succubus
    • Succubus + Andras = Hua Po
    • Hua Po + Slime = Lamia
    • Lamia + High Pixie = Jack Frost
    • Jack Frost + Pixie = Pyro Jack
    • And reset from the beginning.

Enhance your Pixie Persona’s Stats whenever they appear in the loop. The enhanced stats will carry-over to the next Persona. Once you’ve boosted your Pixie to 99 Stats, you can use it to create just about any other Persona.

For example, if you transfer those 99 Stats to a Level 65 Cu Chulainn, you’ll earn about 800,000 PP when you delete. Just make sure to register the high-level, high-stat Persona and then you can summon the Persona for about 50,000~ yen. That’s cheap compared to the huge infusion of PP you earn. Just by completing those loops, you’ll also earn an endless supply of PP — but you can always do some deletions to get even more, even faster.