Destiny: Classes, Focus, and Supers Details

A YouTube video posted by More Console revealed new information about bungie's upcoming online RPG shooter Destiny. It divulged more information about classes, focuses, supers, weapons, and more. 

Each class has its own focuses that will complement your play style. The core ability of every focus is called the "super." You can feed from your team's super through the orbs everyone emits once a super is used.  Therefore, it is advantageous to stay together and work as a team. Players can gradually unlock more focuses over time.There are flexible upgrade trees available in the game. There are a total of six focuses that vary per class:

  • Striker codex (offensive)
  • Defender codex (defensive)
  • Gunslinger (all-out offensive)
  • Edgewalker (single strike melee focus)
  • Order of the void (ranged offensive)
  • Order of the sun (support and buff focus)

You can lock a focus down and get some benefits like a performance boost. Another benefit is that your character can evolve uniquely and stand out from other players. 

Guns can be modified, upgraded, and broken down into raw parts. There are also elemental damages categorized as arc, thermal, and void. There are also a variety of weapons available like fusion pistols and an assualt rifle with blade among many others. Head, chest arms, and legs are different components of the armor. Additionally, each class has a unique vanity slot. Hunters have capes, Titans have decorative waist bands, Warlocks have arm bands. 

Special items called engrams or described as "magic" items and pay a character called Cryptarch to convert it to useful items. It's not surprising since the game is set in a "mythic science fiction" setting. 

Destiny will be released in September 9th for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One platforms.