Rumored Leaked PlayStation PC Games List Circulates Online

When Sony unveiled that they were bringing over Horizon Zero Dawn to the PC platform, it gained quite a surprise. Some fans were shocked and appalled that Sony would offer an exclusive game to the PC platform whereas PC players were thrilled that they would finally get a chance to dive into one of the more popular exclusive titles from this past generation of consoles. It was unveiled on whether Sony would be offering more PlayStation exclusives to the PC platform after Horizon Zero Dawn at the time.

However, that’s since changed with more Sony video game titles inbound. We don’t know just what video game titles will be releasing next or how often we’ll see the games launch outside of Day’s Gone. With that said, it has left more questions as to how far back Sony would go with their exclusive catalog for the PC platform and if we would see the latest generation of PlayStation 5 video game titles also get a PC platform release. Whatever Sony may have planned out for the future, it’s left plenty of PC players quite happy.

Now a new series of video games in a leaked list is circulating online. The list is from a credible insider on Twitter by the name of Crazy Leaks On A Train. However, because these are just claims from an industry insider there’s no official confirmation that these video games are actually going to see a release. For now, here are the supposedly upcoming PlayStation exclusives that are heading to the PC platform.

  • Bloodborne
  • Uncharted Collection
  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • God of War

Those are four solid video game picks with Uncharted Collection likely being referred to as the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection which packs in the first three Uncharted games remastered. Again, this is not an official list but one that has been circulating online and has plenty of fans waiting to see what Sony is going to be announcing in the near future.

Source: Gamesradar, Twitter