PlayStation Head Confirms More PlayStation Console Exclusives Will Release On PC

It was a bit of a shock several years ago at this point when Microsoft revealed their incentive to bring out Xbox exclusive console titles onto the PC platform. This would eliminate the need for PC gamers to purchase an Xbox console just to enjoy certain exclusive video game IPs. That trend has continued on strong with Microsoft and it seems to have done well for the company. Now instead of making certain games locked behind a dedicated platform, more potential revenue was likely opened up by giving players the ability to enjoy the software on the PC platform.

Now Sony has done the very same thing not long ago at this point. We saw the release of Horizon Zero Dawn, an iconic and big video game exclusive for the PlayStation 4 release on the PC. It was actually a bit of a controversial move in some consumer’s minds as fans were wanting Sony to keep their exclusive video game titles strictly behind the console platform. However, that’s not going to happen and it looks like the PlayStation Head, Jim Ryan, has confirmed that more PlayStation console exclusive video game titles will be releasing on the PC platform.

This announcement came from a GQ interview with the Sony PlayStation head when the PC platform was brought up. Essentially, the same views as I reported above is how Jim Ryan is seeing this move to bring their collection of video game titles onto the PC platform. With more incredibly popular games coming to the PlayStation line of consoles it’s a real potential to bring in more profit if the title is available on the PC. We’re sure that this is great news to hear if you’re a PC gamer.

Sony is also planning to make Days Gone their next big PC video game port release this spring. Unfortunately, we’re not sure what other video game titles will be following after but again Sony has a nice collection of exclusive IPs so there is a ton of different games they can move onto next. Now we’re wondering if Sony will have an answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service that features all of the first-party studio releases at launch for a set monthly or yearly fee.

Source: GQ