New Rumor Suggests A Battle Royale Game Mode Is Coming With Battlefield 6

Battlefield has a massive following as it’s a pretty iconic FPS video game franchise. Now unlike Call of Duty which has a new installment on an annual basis, Battlefield doesn’t receive a new installment every year. It may be a good while between installments but with the likes of Battlefield V release in 2018, the video game was continued to be supported with new updates and content for players to go through.

Now the focus is a brand new installment to the Battlefield franchise known as Battlefield 6. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about this game at the moment. Speculation and rumors are suggesting what we’ll see but if you’re wanting official confirmations, there’s nothing out there to really showcase what to expect. So we’ll have to dabble into the rumor mill for the latest bits of updates regarding Battlefield 6 for the time being.

One of the latest rumors that are based around Battlefield 6 comes from an actual announcement. We know that the development team Criterion was pulled from Need for Speed and delayed their upcoming video game to work on Battlefield. This prompted one Battlefield video game franchise industry insider to reach out to his followers on the Twitter social media platform. 

According to Tom Henderson, the industry insider pointed out that Criterion was also the studio that worked on the Battlefield V battle royale game mode Firestorm. Without confirming anything, it looks like it’s a hint at to Battlefield 6 is receiving a battle royale game mode as well. This might be something worth diving into for EA as their big competitor, Call of Duty, offers a free-to-play battle royale game mode for the franchise known as Call of Duty: Warzone. As a result, this may be a work at bringing out something similar for this franchise but again, no official announcement has been made.

Source: Comicbook, Twitter