Nintendo Wii U Gets A New System Update

Nintendo is a big player in the video game industry, I don’t think anyone would dispute that. However, after their launch of the Nintendo Wii console, the company fell hard. The company that is known worldwide and brought out not only iconic video game console systems into the marketplace but fan-favorite software as well, didn’t have the greatest few years after their launch of the Wii U.

With the Wii, Nintendo opted to change things up. After the Nintendo GameCube, the Nintendo company went back to the drawing board and developed a console that could appeal to anyone. We would have the iconic video game titles and new IPs that would have fans going through gameplay as normal, but the actual game controller and mechanics were greatly altered. We saw a system that ran with motion controls and it was a massive hit, almost everyone had a Nintendo Wii console in their homes because it was capable of being used by anyone young or old.

The simplistic controls and video games made it easy to play. However, Nintendo went through another revolution for their next console release, the Wii U. For the Wii U, Nintendo made another big change in that the console would have a Gamepad with a screen that could allow players to enjoy their video games despite the television display being used for anything else. Unfortunately, the game system wasn’t supported with video game titles to keep players interest and it eventually was considered a flop that leads to the incredible success of the Nintendo Switch successor.

While most of us have since moved on to the Nintendo Switch, the Wii U is still being used by plenty of players out there. Today, after several years since its last update, the Nintendo Wii U received a new update which brings the console to version 5.5.5. This version only brings in enhancements to the user experience so nothing major was brought in which is to be expected. Still, after all this time we’re sure that it’s a welcomed update for those that are still enjoying their Nintendo Wii U console platform today. 

Source: Comicbook