Elden Ring Trailer With New Footage Leaked

After almost two years of nothing, we finally have some new footage of Elden Ring, From Software’s upcoming RPG. Trouble is, we didn’t get it because someone released it — the footage has been leaked online.

The footage from Elden Ring, which you can find snippets of online, appears to have been filmed covertly. You can see castles, characters performing magic, and dragons. A voice narrates how you (presumably the player character) have “crossed the Sea of Fog” to the “very edge of the map.” They add that they don’t know what “drives you to seek the Elden Ring,” but that you obviously can’t be talked out of it — which, given that the players have been wanting news about Elden Ring for quite some time, feels like it could be a knock at the fourth wall.

Elden Ring was originally unveiled with a cinematic trailer at E3 2019. At the time it was described as some kind of fantasy RPG, with a story penned by A Song of Ice and Fire scribe George R. R. Martin. The joke about Martin’s procrastination — it’s been almost a decade since the fifth book in his seven-book series came out — would not go amiss here, but a report from VGC suggests there’s some kind of problem on From’s side.

Not hearing from a game in development is not, in and of itself, unusual — we haven’t heard any news from Bayonetta 3 in an even longer span of time, and I’m okay with that, no really I’m not upset about that at all. But given the high profile of From Software, and how loudly the collaboration of George R. R. Martin was touted, it’s strange to go from that to absolute radio silence. But at least now we can say we’ve seen a few seconds of new footage.

Source: VGC