Deathloop Receives New PlayStation 5 Trailer 

Sony, much like other notable companies right now, has taken up with streaming events to showcase products that are in the works. While we’re not sure if 2021 will see the return of any big live in-person events yet, it’s reassuring to see that we’re still receiving streams of what’s to come. For instance the Sony PlayStation State of Play is a condensed-down version of an E3 press conference. Here you’ll get all the big information and announcements that are ready to be marketed. If you happened to miss out on the Sony PlayStation State of Play event that took place this week then it’s worth noting that Deathloop was featured. 

With that said, if you’re unfamiliar with Deathloop in general then allow me to give you some details. This is an upcoming video game that’s being developed by Arkane Studios, the folks behind the Dishonored series. Deathloop is an action-adventure title that follows an assassin by the name of Colt who happens to be stuck in a time loop. Set within an island called Blackreef, Colt has to take out eight special targets to stop the time loop. 

Likewise, if you take too much time then the loop will restart so you’re not only dealing with hostile enemies but a time limit as well. There’s one more important element that makes this game even more challenging. Somewhere else on the island is another master assassin that is tasked with taking out Colt. This should add a bit of intense gameplay in the mix.

As mentioned, there was a new trailer showcasing the game for the PlayStation 5 at the event which you can view above. We get a bit more gameplay footage with Colt taking out different targets with a variety of weapons and power-ups such as invisibility. Likewise, we see Colt mess up and forced to restart all over again. Currently, Deathloop will be available for players to pick up on May 21, 2021.

Source: YouTube