Are We Receiving A Call of Duty Zombie Focused Title?

The Call of Duty franchise has been popular for years now. We’re also seeing new installments released into the marketplace on a yearly basis. As a result, there are a few development studios that handle the IP in order to bring out something fresh regularly whether it’s set in a specific time era or a new installment to an already established franchise. 

At any rate, we can all expect a new installment to come out into the marketplace regularly. However, a new rumor that comes from an industry insider suggests that we are going to see a new Call of Duty Zombie game. I’m sure you are all aware of the game mode Zombies which would give players a wave-based battle against the undead.

From there, a group of players would go through different puzzles that open up other areas of the map while also dealing with strong and longer waves of zombies. It’s proven to be fun for fans and soon we may have a game completely dedicated to the zombie game mode. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about this project at the current moment.

All that Tom Henderson made note of on his Twitter account is that there is a Call of Duty Zombies project being developed that’s not currently connected to any of the previously released titles. It’s also not confirmed at the moment so we have to label this just as a rumor for the time being. At any rate, being that the Call of Duty franchise is usually seeing a variety of changes over the years with new takes on classic wars or fictional wars to come, it wouldn’t be too surprised if this franchise opted to bring out a strict zombie’s related game into the market.

Source: Gamerant, Twitter