United States Rep Wants To Ban Violent Video Game Sales For Youths & Adults

Video games, much like books, music, and films are made with certain audiences in mind. As a result, these entertainment mediums are gone through different processes to get a rating on whether the particular media is suitable for a younger audience or adults. From there, it’s up to the parent or guardian to deem what is suitable for their child. However, it looks like a new amendment would determine if mature video games, in general, would be allowed in the United States of America.

This amendment comes from Representative Marcus Evans Jr from Chicago who has taken an issue with violent video game titles such as the Grand Theft Auto franchise. In Marcus’ eyes, the violent video games that act on players to participate in crimes or cause violent harm to another individual should not be sold to not only youth but adults as well. Apparently, there is the hope that if these games are removed then there would be less promotion to participate in illegal activities in our communities. 

That would ultimately mean video games would drastically change in the United States. It would remove not only criminal focused stories like the Grand Theft Auto series but any game that features violence of any level. However, this is not the first time we’ve seen a battle against video games before in politics. In fact, the ESA was established due to violence in video games and charting out what titles were deemed inappropriate for younger audiences.

The argument has been made plenty of times before in media as well. While there are violent video game titles available for adults, this is far from the only media medium to feature these narratives. For now, this is only an amendment but one that we’ll continue to be monitored by fans of video game titles and the industry as well if it continues to pick up steam.

Source: NME