Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Releases This March [UPDATE]


As reported last month, Watch Dogs: Legion online multiplayer mode was set to launch this month. While the game is still expected to receive the online mode, it’s been delayed to March 23, 2021, for the console platforms. Meanwhile, the PC version has been delayed indefinitely while the studio works out an issue causing the game to crash. 

Original Story…

Watch Dogs finally received the third installment last year in2020 known as Watch Dogs: Legion. The video game will be based in London this time around as DedSec is looking to take out a new regime that has control over the United Kingdom. This is still an action-adventure title with a new open world to explore, but there is one big change that the game franchise is focusing on for this title. Instead of having players go through the campaign as one particular character, Watch Dogs: Legion has players swapping through characters. Players are constantly recruiting NPCs into DedSec and it’s through these recruits that players will be able to swap between these cast of characters for their unique skill sets.

As a result, players can go into a mission as a big brute focused on force to a little old granny that’s skilled with various gadgetry. The choice is yours, but do know that these characters can bite the dust. As a result, if a character is killed off during battle, they are no longer accessible meaning you may have to go out and find a replacement. However, that feature doesn’t need to be implemented in your campaign if you wish to keep those agents in your arsenal. 

Now there’s a multiplayer game mode that will be coming into the title next month as a free update. This Watch Dogs: Legion Online game mode will allow players to work in a squad of four as they take on new missions. There’s also a game mode that will give players the ability to battle against each other through the use of spiderbots. 

Currently, this online game mode component for Watch Dogs: Legion is set to launch on March 9, 2021, across the various platforms. With that said, if you haven’t already picked up a copy of Watch Dogs: Legion then you can do so right now for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 platforms. Likewise, if you would like a bit more insight into the base game and our opinions then check out our Before You Buy episode upload down below.

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