Hideo Kojima’s Essay Collection Will Receive English Translation Release

Hideo Kojima is an iconic video game developer and designer. For years the industry has seen this individual help bring out some incredible video game franchises and one-off releases. While the majority of his career was spent under Konami, Hideo has since moved on and started up his own studio, Kojima Productions. It’s here that we’re really able to see this designer with full creative control. With that said, it looks like there is a book coming out into the western markets that will help give players some more insight into the man and his creative choices. 

While you might be more familiar with Hideo Kojima from his time bringing out Metal Gear Solid, the game designer has a slew of other video game titles that saw a following as well. For instance, his love of Western films helped bring out Snatcher and Policenauts. However, after his mainstream success with Metal Gear Solid, we didn’t see Hideo Kojima direct too many other video game titles. 

It was during the final years at Konami that we saw Hideo Kojima dabble into Silent Hill. The franchise which had been dormant for several years and kicked around with different western developers was finally making a bit return back under Konami’s internal development team. Unfortunately, that game never came out as Silent Hills was scrapped when Hideo Kojima and Konami went their separate ways. 

As mentioned, Hideo Kojima has since gone on to start up his own development studio, Kojima Productions which brought out Death Stranding as its debut title. Back in 2019 Hideo Kojima also released a book called The Gifted Gene and My Lovable Memes. This title came out in 2019 and it included a collection of essays written by Hideo Kojima which follows his love of different entertainment mediums along with his inspirations. 

Those of you who were waiting on an English translation will be delighted to know that the book is finally getting a translation. This novel is coming out from Viz Media which will include everything released prior to 2019 but now fully translated. Those of you who were itching to get their hands on a copy can do so on October 12, 2021.

Source: Polygon