Take-Two Interactive Still Expects Over 90 Games To Be Released In 5 Years

2020 was a bit of a downer all around thanks to the worldwide health pandemic outbreak. Thanks to the coronavirus, several industries were impacted such as the video game industry which saw several games get delayed out of their intended launch window of 2020. One company that is shooting for a big number of video game releases in the coming years is Take-Two Interactive that has suggested 93 video game titles were hitting the marketplace starting last year and would span over the next five years. 

That’s a specific number of video game titles and it’s already been twiddled down a bit. After all, when you think of Take-Two Interactive, most would instantly think of Rockstar Games, the developers behind the likes of Grand Theft Auto, but there are quite a few other development studios tossing games out into the marketplace which is owned by Take-Two Interactive. For instance, you have all of 2K, Ghost Story Games, Playdots, Private Division, and Socialpoint. 

As a result of this previous statement by Take-Two Interactive which seems to be still the dedicated number that the company is aiming for. Recently, Take-Two Interactive held other investors’ call which the number was brought up again when asked if 2020 impacted the goal of 93 video game titles. From the looks of things, that number is still on track for the company but the president of Take-Two, Karl Slatoff did make note that some things did fall off while others have been brought back in. 

Even with that said, we are still on the chart for Take-Two Interactive to release a wide mixture of games that range from already established IPs, new IPs, casual titles, single-player experiences, and of course multiplayer games as well. Perhaps that number may change and get shifted around within the coming years as Karl Slatoff said himself, some projects get tossed in and out of development.

Source: IGN