Anthem’s Revamp Update May Get Canceled This Week


Do you remember Anthem? I wouldn’t blame you if the game IP doesn’t come to mind at this point. The video game launched a couple of years ago from BioWare which was hyped up to be this next big game as a service experience. There were big promises of what players could expect and all that hype and marketing didn’t cover up the actual gameplay being underwhelming. Fans didn’t stick around very long with the project and reviews were unfavorable. It was clear that if this game was going to live on then there were needing to be some big changes.

That’s exactly what BioWare aimed to do. Not long after the game was released into the marketplace, EA’s BioWare studio revealed that they are going to relaunch the title. It was another attempt to bring out this big incredible experience while following along with the different criticisms fans have left for the project. For fans that have been waiting on this revamp update, there’s a chance you’re never going to see this update make its way out into the public.

A credible industry insider by the name of Jason Schreier recently posted an article on Bloomberg that claims EA is getting ready to decide on if this project reboot of sorts will continue or get scrapped. It’s tough to say what EA may do. On one hand that’s a lot of work being tossed out, I’m sure but on the other, BioWare has other notable projects in the works coming out so maybe it’s not worth wasting the resources on an older console platform video game title at this point. While Jason Schreier did reach out for a statement by EA, as you can likely expect, the company wasn’t fond of commenting on rumors. 

If this rumor does prove to be true then we should hear some news in the coming days regarding Anthem’s update being scrapped. That means there’s not much of a chance Anthem will see any significant updates to keep the IP supported. Still, for those that are wanting a bit of a trip down memory lane of what Anthem was, then I would suggest looking at our Before You Buy coverage featured in the video embedded below.

Source: Bloomberg